Family photos Family photos Hodges Grandparents My grandparents on my mom's side, Delfay Verl and Rose Emma Hodges (Quinn). They met in Coeur d'alene, Idaho, moved to Montana, then on to California. Both lived long lives after raising their 13 children and numerous grandchildren. 163204979 Grandma Rose Rose Emma Hodges (Quinn) (1896-1988). Grandma was a woman of faith. She was a devoted Christian wife and mother of 13 children. She was aslo a church pianist and Sunday school teacher. 163205780 Martinusen family Back:L to R David, Teresa, Tony Front:Lisa, Lloyd, Daniel, Giovanna 163205328 Grandma Rose Rose Emma Hodges Quinn (1896-1988) 163205800 Grandpa Hodges Delfay Verl Hodges (1894-1977) "When someone does you wrong, fill them with kindness. Look for the good in people. See the glass half full, not half empty." These are things Grandpa would often say to his grandchildren. Grandpa Hodges was a logger, gardener, beekeeper, hunter and gold-miner. He had a gold claim in Ono, Ca that he worked for years. As a child, I remember visiting him often at the old School Street brick house in Anderson, California. He was happy to see my mom and all seven of us kids as we would fill the house with familiar noise. I'm sure it was much like during the years he and Grandma spent raising their 13 children. I think he missed having children around and it made him happy to have his Grandkids over (except, of course, when he was taking a nap). Grandpa often sat in a kitchen chair backwards with his arms resting on the back rest watching sports on his tiny black and white TV. He had a chair near his garden and would sit the same way, watching his bees work the flowers. Another of his favorite spots to rest was in the lazy chair he kept on the covered wooden porch near the front steps. I only wish I could have had more time with him, as he passed away when I was 10. Soon after, Grandma came to live with us in our Cottonwood country home on Eleanor Lane. 163205913 Great Great Grandparents David (1820-1889)and Elsie Hodges (1823-1901) 163206104 Great Grandma Quinn Alora Lucina Quinn (Dent) (1860-1950). My grandma Rose had told us her mother Alora's last words were "I'm dead, I'm in heaven." She passed on a legacy of faith that still lives in many of her descendants. 163208368 Great Grandparents Quinn family John Willard (1861-1932) and Alora Lucinda Quinn (Dent) (1860-1950) and family. Bottom R is Grandma Rose Emma Hodges (Quinn). L to R back: Bertha, Mabel, Charles and Julia, Edwin. Bottom center: Verna. 163208722 Grandma Rose Emma Hodges Quinn sister Lisa (L), sister Giovanna (front), grandma Rose Emma Hodges (Quinn) (R). Grandma came to live with us in our Cottonwood, CA home shortly after Grandpa passed away. It was a blessing to have her in our home. She would always try to make us laugh and she often would quote scripture and recite poetry to us children. 163374932 Grandpa Martinusen Lloyd Victor Martinusen (1920-1994). 163207933 Grandma Martinusen Giovanna Martinusen (Dellaragione) (1921-2007). Grandma was a Christian woman. She raised 5 children and had many grandchildren. She used to sing in the choir at her local church. 163207955 Great Grandparents Olof Christian (1885-1972) and Lena Martinusen (Rasmussen) (1885-1971) and children. One of the twin babies is Grandpa Lloyd Victor Martinusen. 163208281 Mom Eleanor Eunice Martinusen (Hodges) 163208191 Dad My dad Daniel Lloyd Martinusen 163307183 Great Grandpa Dellaragione This is my great grandpa on my dad's side of the family, Giuseppe Dellaragione (1882-1963) 163303586 Great Grandma Dellaragione Great grandma on my dad's side, Anna Dellaragione (Iavarone) 163304457 Great Great Great Grandma Hodges Roby Hodges ( Archer) (1796-1877) 163304599 Great Grandparents Hodges Great Grandparents Steven Archer (1849-1929) and Margaret Viola Hodges (Miller) (1854-1927) 163304939 Daniel James Martinusen family This is an old photo of my wife and children and I. 163307140 Grandma Rose and Verna grandma Rose Emma Hodges (Quinn) (R), her sister Verna Quinn (L) 163375304 Grandma Rose Emma Hodges (Quinn) 163375095 Grandma Rose Emma Hodges Quinn 163375413 Grandma Rose Emma Hodges (Quinn) 163375813 Hodges family Grandpa Delfay Verl and grandma Rose Emma Hodges (Quinn), grandpa's siblings & spouses. Harry & Grace Hodges, Delfay & Rose Hodges, Glen and Hilda Hodges, Fay and Elsie Wing, Stephen and Margaret Hodges. Not sure who the others are. 163376037 Grandpa Hodges Grandpa Delfay Hodges and his brothers 163552087 Grandpa Hodges Grandpa Delfay Verl Hodges (L), his brother-in-law Fayette Wing (R), and Fayette's daughter Markat. 163552681 My Great Grandparents Quinn Great Grandparents John Willard and Alora Lucinda Quinn (Dent). 163801665 My Great Great Grandparents Iavarone Great Great Great Grandparents Gioacchino Iavarone and Lucia Iavarone (Schiano di Cola) 163892340