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Daniel James Martinusen Family Tree

My Father's Side: Gr-Gr-grandparents-Martin and Andrea Marthinussen (Christiansen), Gr-grandparents-Olof and Lena Martinusen (Rasmussen), grandparents-Lloyd Victor Martinusen and Giovanna Martinusen (Dellaragione), Father-Daniel Lloyd Martinusen, Daniel James Martinusen

My Mother's Side: Gr-Gr-Gr-grandparents-David and Roby Hodges (Archer), Gr-Gr-grandparents-David and Elsie Hodges, Gr-grandparents-Stephen and Margaret Hodges (Miller), Grandparents Delfay Verl and Rose Emma Hodges (Quinn), Mother-Eleanor Eunice Martinusen, Daniel James Martinusen

My Children: Beau James Martinusen, Brittany Erin Vanessa Martinusen, Dean Gregory Martinusen, Joseph Daniel Martinusen, Dylan Johnson Martinusen

Quinn Family Line: Gr-Gr-Gr-grandparents-Michael and Almyra Quinn (Boyce), Gr-Gr-grandparents Michael and Adelia Quinn (Miller), Gr-grandparents-John and Alora Quinn (Dent), Grandparents-Delfay Verl and Rose Emma Hodges (Quinn), Parents-Daniel Lloyd and Eleanor Eunice Martinusen (Hodges), Daniel James Martinusen

Dellaragione Family Line: Gr-Gr-granparents-Luigi and Maria Luigia Dellaragione (Parascandolo), Gr-grandparents-Giuseppe and Anna Dellaragione (Iavarone), Grandparents-Lloyd Victor and Giovanna Martinusen (Dellaragione), Father-Daniel Lloyd Martinusen, Daniel James Martinusen

Daniel James is a Christian Recording Artist and Songwriter from Cottonwood, California who has completed several albums with all original songs.  
He also does photography and artwork designs for many different products, which are available through the Zazzle store links below.

   Daniel James is married with five children and is a member of Bowman Community Church in Cottonwood, California. He is a part of the church worship team and an art designer for Zazzle.  Daniel's two main instruments are guitar and piano and he sings lead and backup                   vocals. Several of his original songs have charted in US and International Christian music charts and he continues to write and record in his spare time.

"Your decrees are the theme of my song wherever I lodge."
Psalm 119:54 niv